Via 2.0: The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb

Via 2.0: The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb

This unattributed quote summarizes our latest release. Producing quality marketing campaigns often requires hours, days, even weeks of planning and preparation to organize our strategies and plan our efforts accordingly. Via charted a course to bring visibility, clarity, and understanding to the work of a marketing team. Version 1.0 accomplished so much of what we set out to achieve.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Via 2.0! We’ve dedicated this next release to enhancing how you track and see information throughout the campaign development process. From how you navigate the dashboard and calendar to how you gather and report campaign detail, each improvement has been fine-tuned to bring you a better experience, while vastly improving workflow and time savings. Let’s take a look at the updates in more detail.

  • Dashboard
    An effective dashboard will present immediate and valuable summary insights that would otherwise be tedious to gather. As we reviewed the Via dashboard, we realized it was becoming more difficult to access information quickly. In this release, our dashboard was redesigned to put the information you care about, front and center. Campaign, Project, and Media Placement indicators have been removed to focus on tasks, milestones and events in your day and week. Don’t worry, activity indicators haven’t disappeared, they have been placed below the calendar for better visibility.
  • Calendar
    We mentioned that access to information is a key aspect of this release. Providing teams with vital information about a Task or Milestone is important to keeping Projects and Campaigns on track. Often, a team member will want to know how far along a Task is; what Milestone and Project it is associated with, as well as quick links to log time and view messages. The activity popup now include these views. They’re a helpful time-saver when it comes to connecting the dots and keeping things moving.

Dragging Milestones to new Date
Another key feature in the calendar view is moving Milestones to a future date. As Projects are sequenced, sometimes it’s important to move a Milestone out to accommodate for shifts in scheduling. Now you can.

Calendar filters have a new home! Filters that you’ve created are now organized under the Calendar Filter button at the top of the calendar view. In addition to these filters, toggles have been placed on the calendar to provide quick and easy access to information related to the activities you’re viewing.

  • Quick Add
    It’s not uncommon, when working on activities, that you’ll realize the need to add an Event, Task, Project, or Campaign. Our quick add button now follows you throughout the Via experience providing immediate access to the creation of any type of object you’re looking for. If creating a task, start with the Milestone that task will be assigned to. Learn more about the Dashboard and Calendar views in the video below;

  • Activity Cards:

    All of the activities that happen in Via are vital to the success of your marketing efforts. That’s why we’ve updated the cards throughout Via to provide you with more relevant detail.

Campaign Card:
By definition, a Campaign is a promotional activity that is a goal-oriented, audience-specific series of coordinated marketing projects designed around a promotion. The campaign card now holds important information regarding your promotional activities. This detail provides you with an “at-a-glance” view of the following:

• Campaign duration
• Planned spend
• Estimated, used, and remaining time on the campaign
• Number of associated Events, Projects, and Media Placements
• Campaign ownership and who is involved in its execution
• Quick links for accessing campaign activities

Project Card:
Projects are an organized group of milestones and tasks with a clearly defined deliverable. Our Project cards also provide a quick view of important project details. Similar to Campaigns, Project cards highlight:

• Project duration
• Estimated, used, and remaining time
• Milestone and task completion progress bars
• Relevant campaign, channel, and audience detail
• Team members involved in its completion

Media Placement Card:
If your campaign has a media placement, these cards will also give visibility to:

• Media Placement duration
• Budget
• Channel
• Audience
• Campaign association
• Quick view link for primary creative asset

The card view will be a timesaver as all team members can quickly gather the correct information about their task and connect the dots on what comes before, during and after their work is complete.

  • Activity Card Overview
    Display View: When viewing your Campaigns, Projects or Media Placements, you can now choose to view them as cards or as a list. Although the card view is default, simply select the list icon to view to change your view. Often times it’s helpful to view these objects by owner, sorted by date, total spend, etc. Either view provides quick links for editing or removing all together.

Filtering: When gathering important information on your marketing activities, the new filter view provides metrics that give you a clear picture of how your marketing efforts were distributed across the audience and team members, identifying what channels your efforts were targeted toward. You can now filter by campaign, audience, or people. With each filtered view, a channel distribution ring will give you a quick glance at how your activity is being distributed by channel.

Campaign, Project and Media Placement Cards have improved greatly. Check them out in the short video below.

  • Mobile Enhancements
    Attending to the mobile expression of Via was an important part of this release. When we consider the use cases for mobile, So we designed the view to tackle things you would need when on the go. It includes a calendar view that gives you visibility to daily Events/Tasks/Milestones as well as quick access to time management, notifications, and message drafts. We’re excited to see the mobile experience continue to bring value to marketing management while on the go. Learn more about the mobile enhancements in the update video below:

Those are the highlights of Via version 2.0! But our climb isn’t finished. We’re already working on our next release, and we’d love to hear from you. Where is Via reaching the summit? Where could it benefit from some rock wall climbing practice? Our team is dedicated to giving you and your teams the best possible solution for organizing and executing on your marketing efforts while providing visibility to the measures that inform your strategies.

Be sure to log in on April 2nd to see the latest release in action!

Thank you for being a valuable part of Team Via!